Asean CSR Network (ACN)

Total budget: SGD 10,000

Period program: January, 2016 – March, 2017


On this program, Penabulu will develop consensus on a joint corporate action plan Indonesia 2020 about collective steps that must be taken to achieve the vision of sustainable development Indonesia 2050 and communicate vision, road map and the corporate action plan to the government and other key stakeholders as well as to general public.
The activities for this program are:

Adapun kegiatan pada program ini adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Implementing a series of FGD and workshop preparation “Indonesia Corporate Action Plan 2020” document-based “Corporate Vision and Pathways Indonesia 2050”.
  2. Multi-stakeholder workshop organizing to deliver and get input for “Indonesia Corporate Action Plan 2020” and “Indonesia Action Plan 2020”.
  3. Website and social media development for supporting the dissemination of information “Indonesia Corporate Action Plan 2020”.


This program is supported by Asean CSR Network (ACN), with total funding support of SGD 10,000.