Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG)

IDR 58.500.000,-

Period program: Desember 6, 2016 –  Desember 10, 2016


In an effort to increase the capacity of community groups to be able to do a self-managed, then drafted set of activities Capacity Building in Procurement of Self-Management Goods/Service of Self-Managing Community Group (KM-PS), for 26 community groups in Pulang Pisau District and Meranti District. Cooperation between BRG with Penabulu Foundation with support from UNDP.

The general objective of this activity is increased capacity of 18 community group in Pulang Pisau District to procure goods / services self-management.

While the specific objectives of this activity is:

  • Self-Managing Community Group (KM PS) capable of self-management planning.
  • Self-Managing Community Group (KM PS) is able to understand and implement self-management in accordance with the plan that had been developed.
  • Self-Managing Community Group (KM PS) capable of supervising the implementation of self-management (including documentation, reporting and evaluation).


This program is supported by UNDP, with total funding support of IDR 58.500.000,-