Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

IDR 83.024.500,-

Period program: March 2018 – April 2018


Rural Area Development in peatlands requires a model of community participation development that fits the peatland ecological concept, as well as institutional approaches that conform to existing regulations, in particular Village and PDTT no. 5/2016 on Rural Area Development. Institutional concept involves cooperation among villages, covering various aspects of collaborative work between villages.

Peatland Restoration Agency together with Penabulu Foundation undertook the development of inter-village cooperation in the form of the Inter-Village Cooperation Agency (BKAD), as it has been established in 4 Banyuasin Regency Villages, should be complemented by productive assistance, monitoring or institutional consultation. Supported areas of cooperation may include leadership development, organizational governance, administration, type of productive enterprise, capital utilization, cooperation, and networking. The consultation was conducted so that BKAD was able to communicate developments, changes and new knowledge to the community. Due to the need of this consultation, the field visit to Banyuasin conducted, especially to four villages of Village Based Product-Based Superior Coconut in four villages of Muara Sugihan sub-district, Banyuasin Regency. In addition, this visit is aimed at strengthening the community’s ability to develop networking and product promotion through Jamboree of Peatland Communities.

The objective of this monitoring visit is to encourage the acceleration of Rural Area development in four villages of Muara Sugihan sub-district, with the targets:

  1. Completion of official proposal from rural area to Government of Banyuasin Regency
  2. Building a Business Model
  3. Learning deeply about community organizing techniques
  4. Making effective communication for Jamboree preparation.
  5. Conducting community planning for RTL in Rural Area Development and Peatland Jamboree Community Participation.


The program is supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with a total funding support of IDR 83.024.500,-.