Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Contract Number AC47100/ G-01-05-02/PF/01

IDR 506,050,000

Period program: November 02, 2018 – April 30, 2019


Kemitraan Indonesia Australia untuk Infrastruktur (KIAT) is a 10-year facility with primary goal to support Sustainable and inclusive economic growth through improved access to infrastructure for all people through the program Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and Civil Society Engagement (CSE).

As part of fulfilling the GESI-CSE TIE Vision for the period 2018-2021; Indonesia’s infrastructure policies, planning and operations that meet the needs of all citizens including women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. KIAT GESI-CSE has built cooperation with four partners in Lombok, namely; (1) Forum for Road Traffic and Transportation (RTTF) NTB; (2) West Lombok Road Traffic and Transportation Forum (RTTF); (3) Indonesian Business Women Association (IWAPI) NTB; and (4) Indonesian Women’s Association with Disabilities (HWDI) NTB.

In an effort to support the effective participation of women, people with disabilities and all community members in infrastructure planning and operations, KIAT GESI-CSE is working with the Penabulu Foundation to support capacity building in GESI that applies to infrastructure projects.

The expected results of strengthening these capacities are:

  1. Improved CSO partner capacity in program management
  2. Improved CSO partner capacity in GESI-CSE understanding of the transportation sector
  3. Improved CSO partner capacity in action research and policy advocacy related to GESI-CSE strengthening in the infrastructure field
  4. Improved CSO partner capacity in development of learning products (including SoP, advocacy tools and communication products etc)
  5. Documented results of program management activity, advocacy processes, action research and sustainability of funding undertaken by 4 CSO’s, specifically related to GESI-CSE strengthening efforts in the infrastructure sector
  6. Options for sustainable funding for CSOs identified and CSOs are supported to access funds.


This program is supported by Cardno Emerging Market (Australia) Pty Ltd and Departemen Luar Negeri dan Perdagangan (DFAT), with total funding support of IDR 506,050,000.