CEGAH – MSI (Management System International)

Grant Agreement No. 610700.01.16.905.9

IDR 350,000,000

Period program: 23 February 2017 – 31 Desember 2017


Penabulu Foundation with Pattiro Banten will support efforts to increase CSO in accountability and public service monitoring, especially research and oversight related to integrity concerns in the health sector in South Tangerang, Province Banten.

The activities in this program as follows:

  1. The existence of initial data on health issues and assessment results on civil society organizations that focus on health issues and public poricy aorocacy in the program area.
  2. A network of civil society organizations has capacity to conduct monitoring of the public budget on the health sector and public services dellvery in local hospitals.
  3. Research resullts and service improvement recommendations disseminated stakholders.
  4. Achievement of the initial agreement between civil society network and local policy makers to improve the quality and integrity of human services.


This program is supported by Management System International (MSI), with total funding support of IDR 350,000,000.