Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) & Spiritia Foundation

IDR 195.000.000,-

October, 1 2019 – February, 29 2020


According to the Ministry of Health on World AIDS Day December 1, 2018, the cumulative number of HIV in Indonesia reached 301,959 people. The data is based on a report in June 2018. There were 108,829 AIDS cases recorded. However, until now there are still many problems encountered related to HIV / AIDS. In the HIV / AIDS prevention program in addition to programs in health services, community programs have also been developed. This was done to strengthen the community in HIV / AIDS prevention programs. One focus of the program is to increase knowledge and encourage communities to access health services and to get their rights.

Community involvement is important because they are very interested in HIV / AIDS services.

Penabulu Foundation believes that developing a comprehensive community-based monitoring and feedback mechanism through the establishment of an integrated community information system will be able to increase the health impact of HIV beneficiaries by protecting their rights, strengthening the health system and society, implementing quality assurance services and creating an environmentally friendly conducive.

Penabulu believes that public health has an important role in efforts to improve the quality of human resources, poverty reduction and economic development. In this collaboration, Penabulu Foundation, through Experts, will provide technical assistance, information, knowledge and skills needed. The expected results of this program are;

  1. Client Satisfaction Reporting Protocol
  2. Reporting Protocol on the Establishment of an Enabling Environment.
  3. Program Quality Reporting Protocol
  4. Guidance on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordination Team.


This program is supported by The Indonesia AIDS Coalition & Spiritia Foundation, with total funding support of IDR 195.000.000.