Executive Boards

Penabulu Foundation is a non-profit foundation, which strives to empower civil society in Indonesia. The Penabulu Foundation was established in Jakarta in 2002, based on notarial deed No. 1 on October 22, 2003 compiled by Rita Riana Hutapea, SH, which was confirmed by Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. C-435 HT. 01.02.TH 2004, dated August 5, 2004.

Penabulu Foundation has four Executing Bodies under the structure of the Executive Board, namely: (a) Grant Management, (b) Implementing Network, (c) Research Institute and (4) Disaster Response. The first three Executive Bodies were officially legalized on October 24, 2018 based on notarial deed No. 29 – 31 by Kokoh Henry, SH, MKn., notary in Jakarta, while the Executive Body of Disaster Response was legalized later on November 12, 2019 based on notarial deed No. 11 by Kokoh Henry, SH, MKn.

Penabulu Grant Management will carry out the function of mobilizing funds, grant channeling and managing funds, and facilitating networked public policy advocacy; as well as providing technical assistance and capacity building to partners in supporting of other grant schemes. The structure of the Penabulu Grant Management is as follows:

  • Deputy Director: Adi Nugroho
  • Secretary: Rizky Andini Siregar
  • Treasurer: Paul Mario Ginting

Penabulu Implementing Network will continue the of Penabulu’s previous role in implementing programs at the site level by maximizing contributions from branch offices and collaborating with alliance partner networks; while continuing to emphasize ownership and strengthening local capacity in each work area. The structure of the Penabulu Implementing Network is as follows:

  • Deputy Director: Budi Susilo
  • Secretary: Tino Yosepyn
  • Treasurer: Rivia Dian Tikawati

Penabulu Research Institute will manage data, information and knowledge that was created and managed by Penabulu; develop strategic studies, action research and evidence-based advocacy that support the achievement of organizational goals; and spearheading the development of effective partnerships with research institutions/universities and central and regional governments. The structure of the Penabulu Research Institute is as follows

  • Deputy Director: Rival G. Ahmad
  • Secretary: Ahmad Sofyan
  • Treasurer: Iis Yuni Tri Lestari

Penabulu Disaster Response will be a Penabulu unit that brings together organizational resources in disaster response in Indonesia, mobilizes the resources of the parties, distributes humanitarian assistance and logistics with a focus on meeting emergency needs and restoring the livelihoods of affected communities as soon as possible according to the local market system. The structure of the Penabulu Disaster Response is as follows:

  • Deputy Director: Bambang Eko Budi Yanto
  • Secretary: Tri Yonanita
  • Treasurer: Dwi Astuti Inawati