Contract number: RO SEA 1005108 dated 4 September 2012.

Total budget: EUR 32,487.

Program period: from 2 September 2012 until 31 August 2013.


This program is actually composed of two main sub activities, which are action research mapping on CSR funding potential and institutional strengthening of HIVOS partner CSO organizations.

Action research mapping of CSR funding potential aims to produce a map of CSR funding potential in Indonesia, covering areas of issues, characteristics, work methods, and funding schemes; to produce analysis on perception, gaps, barriers and readiness of CSOs in collaborating with the business sector and take advantage of CS funding opportunities; and finding options of cooperation between CSOs and businesses through case studies of certain issues. This research is organized in collaboration with IBCSD and the result can be fully accessed in

Meanwhile, institutional capacity strengthening of HIVOS partners that focus on CSO issues, is based on the understanding that these organizations generally depart form the community form and this program is designed to assist the transformation process of the form and characteristics of communities that are egalitarian-collegial to become structurized such as a foundation or a society. The types of institutional capacity building activities of this program include mentoring for planning aspects, monitoring and evaluation, financial management aspects, and information and communication technology management aspects.

HIVOS partner CSO organizations mentored are Violet Grey in Banda Aceh, Kipas in Makassar, Dipayoni in Surabaya, Effort in Semarang, and Our Voice in Jakarta.


This program is conducted with the support of HIVOS ROSEA with contract number RO SEA 1005108 dated 4 September 2012 with total funding of EUR 32,487 and program period starting from 2 September 2012 until 31 August 2013.