Contract number: RO SEA HO 1009298 dated 14 August 2014.

Total budget: EUR 44,150.

Program period: from 1 September 2014 until 31 December 2015.


HIVOS ROSEA supports the implementation of the development of 30 institutional capacity building videos for the new order of civil society in Indonesia, aimed to disseminate institutional building material and CSO capacity effectively and efficiently, and establish a collective space for mutual discussion/learning between OMS in Indonesia.

The capacity building effort of civil society (CSO) in Indonesia is currently facing new challenges, along with the transformation process of the position and role of the CSO, also in the midst of change of donor support constellation in Indonesia. Communities will become a central component in the new order of Indonesian civil society to come. The existence of communities that directly represents the interests of the society will become a new balancing force for the constellation of the developers: government—business sector—civil society.

However at the same time, the strategic role of the community is accompanied by the awareness on the lack of capacity of the community. Empowerment by the NGOs all this time does not seem to succeed in strengthening the institution and capacity of communities. Empowerment by NGOs all this time have actually been project-based, conducted in a hastily manner, without guaranteeing long term sustainability . Efforts to strengthen institution and capacity of communities should be conducted as soon as possible, given the urgent need and that it’s already quite late if just beginning to start now.

On the other hand, an information revolution has occurred in Indonesia, that is mainly started by the heavy use of internet as the choice of technology in communication and information gathering. Efforts to strengthen institution and capacity of communities (and community-based NGOs) that is effective and efficient should be conducted on the basis of understanding towards this revolution.

Penabulu tries to strengthen the institutional capacity of CSOs through the development of an informational videos series. It is expected that the distribution of this informational videos series can reduce the distance gap and cost barriers that have made the seminars, trainings, and workshop conducted by Penabulu throughout this time to only be participated by a limited number of CSOs in Indonesia. This video series is expected to multiply the range/distribution of beneficiaries, as well as become a documentary/literacy that can be collectively studied over and over.


This program is supported by HIVOS ROSEA through contract number ROSEA HO 1009298 dated 14 August 2014 with total funding of EUR 44,150 for a program period from 1 September 2014 until 31 December 2015.