ICCO Cooperation

Doc. Contract with Project Number 11.0007/012

EUR 150.000

February 1, 2019 – July 31,  2020


ICCO Cooperation and Penabulu Foundation are developing a program of “Sustainable Integration for Empowerment of Spices Smallholders” in The Civic Engagement Alliance (CEA) Partnership.

Spice commodities have a long value chain, with the distribution of information about standards that are uneven for all parties in the value chain. Spices as global commodity must implement certain standards, but as domestic commodities, there are no regulations governing quality standards spices. Therefore, market accessibility is one of the outcome that will be realized in this collaboration.

The project is expected to result in:

  1. Strengthen the spice commodities quality control regulation;
  2. Develop integrated information system management in spice commodity trading; and
  3. Develop the area model in the selected areas of nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, and medical herbs.

The third expected result would improve the governance of commodity production and trade of spices which respects human rights, to realize the increased welfare of farmers herbs and spices commodity protection.


This program is supported by ICCO Cooperation, with total funding support of EUR 150,000