Letter of Agreement No. 48/UN2.F5/MaPPI/SPK/X/2015

Total budget: IDR 90,000,000,-

Period program: October 26, 2015 – March 31, 2016


On this program, Penabulu have a duty to help MaPPI-FHUI in developing mobile applications based on Android for the monitoring of court services, supported by the latest technology so that the application can be accessed by both the smartphones with the Android operating system as well as easy to be managed so that the process of managing users and data from the website monitoring can be done easily.

The purpose of this program are:

  1. Develop Mobile Apps Android-based Court Monitoring Services.
  2. Develop Web Dashboard for monitoring the results of data management and application user data.
  3. Build a public website to display the results of the reports generated from monitoring activities with interesting data visualization.


This program is supported by MaPPI-FHUI in October 26, 2015 based  Letter of Agreement No. 48/UN2.F5/MaPPI/SPK/X/2015 with total funding support of IDR 90,000,000,-.