Ford Foundation Indonesia through PLUS Foundation

IDR 651.530.612,-

February 27, 2023 – December 23, 2023


Resource Hub for Strengthening Capacity on Financial Resiliency or “Re.Search” is an innovation program led by the Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS) together with other capacity building organizations that was formed with the aim of becoming a resource hub to assist  capacity building of NGOs and CSOs in Indonesia in the field of institutional strengthening and capacity building. In general, the purpose of this collaboration is expected to be the beginning of the process of building and developing a more collaborative, inclusive and sustainable CSO capacity building ecosystem in Indonesia and the global south.

In the first year implementation focusesd on building the foundation of the resource hub including the development and capacity building for financial institutional resilience for BUILD by providing capacity building through mentoring and knowledge development using a regular talk show series.

In second year of Re.Search program will focus on deepening capacity building for BUILD partner organizations, promoting the Re.Search platform, and strengthening Re.Search institutions as a basis for sustainability. Penabulu Foundation is responsible for supporting the work plan that has been prepared, especially in the deepening of capacity building for BUILD partner organizations and the results of the mentoring and mapping, then in this second year Penabulu Foundation will provide assistance with a focus on development and other specific thematics according to the needs of BUILD partners.


This program is supported by the Ford Foundation Indonesia through PLUS Foundation, period February 27,  2023 – December 23, 2023 with a total funding support of IDR. 651.530.612,-