TNC Indonesia Terrestrial Program

Contract number: AP/Jakarta/PENA052014 dated 22 May 2014 2013.

Total budget of IDR 197,704,082.

Program period: from 22 May 2014 until 30 June 2014.


Strengthening NGOs have been conducted by TNC since 2010 through workshops and direct mentoring of potential institutions. This program is the continuation of efforts in preparing program workplans and concepts that can be offered to a number of donors, such TFCA Kalimantan, International NGOs, Companies, and the Government.

This program is carried out through focused group discussions in each local organizations regarding results-based program planning (outcome mapping), training of preparation of project concepts for potential NGOs, joint writing with the team of facilitators, needs assessment for ICT utilization (website) for potential partner institutions, and internships and mentoring program for potential institutions by placing a website administrator in Penabalu for 1 month.


This program is supported by TNC Indonesia Terrestrial Program based on contract number AP/Jakarta/PENA052014 dated 22 May 2013 with total funding of IDR 197,704,082 and program period from 22 May 2014 until 30 June 2014.