Conservation International

Total budget: IDR 254,970,000,-

Period program: December 10, 2015 – September 30, 2016


On this program, Penabulu have a duty to help the Business Multipurpose Cooperative of Mbilin Kayam to be able to visualize the vision and mission into action plans and cooperative development of independent and sustainable.

  1. Providing services of service (speed boat, ships and generators) and set up the profit’s organization that will manage the workshop, ship operation of Inbekwan, yaswal, and bilmo.
  2. Conducting business development in the provision of logistics and marketing of fishery processing to support conservation activities as well as the welfare of society, especially the cooperative members are conservationists.


This program is supported by Conservation International in December 2015, with total funding support of IDR 254,970,000,-.