KNCV – TB Care ‘Aisyiyah

No. GF.TASY04.001/KNCV/XI/2015

Total budget: Rp. 598,361,997,-

Period program: 2 November 2015 – 31 May, 2016


On this program, Penabulu have a duty to improve PR Aisyiyah’s TB program performance by strengthening financial management system to prepare for New Funding Model grant. New Funding Model grant is a form of new funding from GlobalFund.

Specific Objectives Program TB Care ‘Aisyiyah is:

  1. Identify areas of improvement in ‘Aisyiyah’s finance management system which noncompliance with standard financial management practices.
  2. Assess the capacity of finance staff at PR level, and SR level within and outside ‘Aisyiyah entity.
  3. Provide recommendation for actions to be taken by ‘Aisyiyah management in improving financial management system.


Program TB Care ‘Aisyiyah is supported by KNCV based Contract No. GF.TASY04.001/KNCV/XI/2015 dated November 2015, with total funding support of IDR 598,361,997,-