ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc.


Total budget: Rp. 623,700,000,-

Period program: 1 July 2015 – 31 December 2015.


This program is designed to increase revenue of cacao farmers, in EMOI assistance area specifically. We are working to improve welfare for cacao farmers begins with developing cacao farmers’s cooperative that could have 3 business units which komprehensif, there are: agriculture service, management and marketing, and waste management.

The implementation will be done simultaneously and synergistic along with Bumoe Malikul Saleh (BMS), Yayasan Agro Bina Mandiri (YABM), dan Yayasan Penabulu. YABM will continuing on capacity building of cacao cultivation technique, maintenance and harvesting for cacao farmers in EMOI assisted area, whereas BMS will begin to organizing farmers group thus facilitating on developing Cooperative for Cacao Farmers in Lhok Sukon. In the meantime, Penabulu will be doing on capacity building in financial and cooperative accountancy aspect, and in the separate way Penabulu will encouraging on Cacao Management and Marketing Business Unit development as one of cooperative business unit.


This program is supported by ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Based on Transmittal Letter No. TL/EMOI/P001/2015 dated June 29, 2015, with total funding support of Rp. 623,700,000,-.