IDR 835.525.000

March 2020 – December 2021


The effectiveness of the management (utilization) of development resources in the regions is still a homework for which the relevant parties must collectively find a solution. The use of available natural resources and the use of development budgets in the regions that occur every year still has big questions about the impact and impact on meeting the basic needs that are still faced by the community, which should be the main target of the development process itself.

For some areas in Indonesia, including South Sumatra, forests are a resource that is available in abundance. However, after these resources are used up to the point of exhaustion, they do not yet generate prosperity for the community: minimal access, high poverty rates, unemployment, low levels of education, unmet water needs, waste and waste management, low agricultural productivity, land conflicts everywhere are still a problem. still very easy to find in the field.

Forest for Development (FOREST4DEV) is the vision of the Penabulu Foundation to forge synergy and cooperation with local governments in optimizing forest governance in order to achieve the ideals of sustainable development and community welfare. By managing forests that are good, sustainable and socially just, it will help local governments reduce poverty levels and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets. Penabulu Foundation hopes that the vision of Forest for Development (FOREST4DEV) will also become the vision of the local government where the Penabulu Foundation carries out its activities.

The development of this initiative has several objectives, namely:

  1. Provide examples of best practices for handling various fundamental problems faced by communities around forest areas in improving their welfare
  2. Build a “Forest Partnership Laboratory for Prosperity” at the site level that has a long-term vision.
  3. Building a perspective of change, novelty, and continuous improvement in the implementation of regional development, particularly in forest resource management


This program is supported by Forest4Dev with total funding support of Rp. 835.525.000,-