Yayasan Masyarakat Mandiri Film Indonesia / In-Docs


IDR 400.000.000

March 2019 – March 2022


BesiBerani — a program unit of the Penabulu Foundation, in collaboration with the Indonesian Film Independent Community Foundation / In-Docs in impact distribution activities of the long documentary film Pesantren by Shalahuddin Siregar. Support was provided by In-Docs through the Good Pitch Indonesia program, in which BesiBerani had the opportunity to present its “Pesantren” impact distribution plan to various parties who could support the expansion of film distribution and its impact in Indonesia. On September 5, 2019, more than 50 individuals/institutions/companies expressed their support, both in the form of funds and non-funds.

Pesantren, a documentary film that uses an observational approach, delves into the daily lives of residents of Pondok Kebon Jambu Al-Islamy, a traditional Islamic boarding school in Cirebon, West Java, which is uniquely led by a woman, Nyai Masriah Amva. There, the students are educated to think independently and critically in interpreting scriptures and modern knowledge, as well as to respect and love all of Allah’s creations without exception.

The screening of the Pesantren film is handled by BesiBerani in the form of an impact distribution, which is a distribution that is not only in the form of film screenings, but is also accompanied by discussions and interactive activities with the audience to stimulate various reflections and new thoughts. Here, film is used as a conversation trigger for various social issues. The impact of a film is not only measured by the number of viewers, but also by the quality of the conversations it produces, which are expected to trigger social change.

In impact distribution activities, BesiBerani intends to use this film to:

  • Sparking reflection and in-depth discussion on the richness of virtues in the understanding of Islam, which should not be unilaterally defined by certain groups.
  • Inspire new breakthroughs in the creation of social models in various spaces (schools, work environments, communities, etc.) that can protect and support the development of intercultural sensitivity.
  • Stimulate the development of an education system that does not only focus on academic achievement, but also on character building and responsibility in social life.
  • Collaborate with various individuals, organizations, institutions and companies who can use this documentary film to promote intercultural awareness and an inclusive society in Indonesia.

After the highlight of Good Pitch Indonesia, BesiBerani and In-Docs collaborated in the distribution, use, and reporting of the grant funds obtained through this program for Islamic boarding schools, so that they can be used optimally and can be accounted for as well as possible. Fund of IDR 400,000,000 will be used to hold 15 impact screenings in 10 cities in Indonesia, as well as an analysis of the impact measurement of the activities carried out.


The distribution activity for the Pesantren film by BesiBerani has received various supports through the Good Pitch Indonesia 2019 program from several donors in the form of funding for the implementation of 15 impact screenings in 10 cities in Indonesia.