Contract Reference# 1010961.

Total budget: Euro 9,208.

Program period starts from March 28, 2015 until November, 2015.


This programme is aims to improve organisational capacity, in particular regards to the financial aspects, of Hivos partners in Timor Leste for the Norwegian Embassy programme – which are Fokupers, Acbit, and La’o Hamutuk.

Penabulu’s role in this programme, are:

  1. The most recent examination and appraisal status of each organisation’s system and capacity in financial management;
  2. The identification of relevant recommendations to improve each organisation’s system and capacity of financial management;
  3. The mutual agreement and assistance upon feasible improvement actions in both short and long term.


This program is supported by HIVOS based on Contract Reference# 1010961 dated March 28, 2015, with total funding support of Euro 9,208.