AusAID – Knowledge Sector Initiative

RTI – Penabulu Contract Agreement and amandement dated 10 December 2015

Total budget: IDR 265,500,000,-

Period program: April 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016


In this program, Penabulu got the assignment to assist AIPI in implementing accounting systems, operational policies and procedures manual which has been formulated by international consultant that appointed by KSI, and ensure the system and policy in line with the prevailing system in Indonesia, so AIPI can receive fund donor.

As performed Penabulu for these activities are:

  1. Review operating policies and procedures manual and ensure compliance with the provisions of regulation system of the Government of Indonesia.
  2. Provide training and assistance in the process of implementation of the system, and the policies and procedures, in collaboration with the international consultant.
  3. Provide ongoing support to implementation the SOP.


This program is supported Knowledge Sector Initiative based on RTI – Penabulu contract agreement document dated March 20, 2015 and amandement dated December 10, 2015, with total funding support of IDR 265,500,000,-.