Contract number: QL 106S01 dated 19 May 2010.

Total budget: EUR 11,945.

Program period: from 15 June 2010 until 20 November 2012.


KOMARA (Koperasi Masyarakat Rawagede/Rawagede Community Cooperative) in Balongsari Village, Karawang District is the executor of the micro credit program for regional development by the Dutch Government for the Balongsari community. Balongsari Village is selected based on historical reasons, where 471 people were killed by Dutch soldiers in 1947.

KOMARA has a duty to distribute the funds until the end of the program, assisted by KOMIDA (Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa) which at the same time provide support for the capacity building of institution and operations of KOMARA.

Besides the micro credit program, KOMARA also developed their business in the trade sector, such as stores selling LPG gas, food, and raw materials for their local specialties,

Penabulu has a double role in this program, first by providing training and mentoring of financial management for the cooperative, and second, conduct periodical internal audits of the financial report of KOMARA and prepare them for external audits that will be conducted by independent public accountants.


HIVOS ROSEA provide funding to Penabulu of EUR 11,945 based on contract number QL 106S01 dated 19 May 2010, for a program period from 15 June 2010 until 20 November 2012.