ICCO Cooperation

Project number: 76-03-04-0 (2014/01) dated 10 June 2014.

IDR 94,000,000.

Program period starts from 5 June 2014 until 31 December 2015.


The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that the financial management of the ICCO project supported by AIP-PRISMA in Situbondon comply with the requirements of Co-Facilitator’s Handbook, Financial Guidelines Chapter (March 2014) and meet the internal control principles and generally accepted accounting standards.

The assignment consists of 3 phases: first is the Development of Standard Operating Procedure and Accounting software and finance/admin forms: preparation of the draft document of the Financial Management System and Accounting Manual, and discussion on draft and finalization of ICCO shared system document.

The second phase is Capacity Building for Co-Facilitator, that includes: Financial Management System dissemination to all project personnels of co-facilitator and dissemination of Accounting Manual, especially for project administration officer and finance officer, as well as on the job training for the operation of SANGO and lastly is the assistance implementation of the Financial Management System, Accounting Manual and SANGO software application. Meanwhile, the last phase is the Financial System Review and Update that will be conducted at the end of the assignment period.


This program is supported by ICCO Cooperation based on project: 76-03-04-0 (2014/01) dated 10 June 2014 with total funding of IDR 94,000,000 and program period from 5 June 2014 until 31 December 2015.