ICCO Foundation Consultancy Agreement

IDR. 207.300.000,-

Period program: November 2016 – December 2017


ICCO is running a programon Production and Marketing of high premium rice in central Java. The program which intended to increase farmers’ income requires strengthening the role of farmer group association (GAPOKTAN) so that they can take active part of market chain of premium rice. Therefore, strengthening effort for Gapoktan are an important part of the program.

Strengthening Gapoktan in the project is carried out in various ways, such as: internal institutional strengthening, including accountability and transparency; Training and workshop on business plan development; and strengthening networking, access to markets and financial institutions. Coaching is a mentoring activity directly in the field which is done to ensure the achievement of the expected result.

To strengthen the Gapoktan / LDPM above, it needs efforts to increase their capacity and assistance in preparing a business plan that is relevant to their character and ability. An individual or institution consultant is required to carry the relevant to produce measurable achievement.


The consultant will do coaching and training which aims is:
The establishment of the Business Plan for each 17 Gapoktan in line with their capacity and condition of each farmer group association, as a standard document that can be used as a guidance document direction of their business and can even be used as valid information to outside parties, such as financial institutions and business partners.


To obtain these results the consultants will do the following:

  1. Business Coaching
  2. Business Plan Development Workshop


This program is supported by FDOV, with total funding support of IDR. 207.300.000,-