Grant Agreement No: KOMPAK-018-2017

IDR 4.286.965.625,-

Period program: October 2, 2017 – April 30, 2018


Goal of KOMPAK is to ensure that the poor and vulnerable Indonesians benefit from increased service delivery and greater economic opportunities. Outcome 1 of the three outcomes of KOMPAK is the local governments and service units can better address the needs of the poor and vulnerable on improving of access, quality and delivery of basic services in health, education and legal identity.

The Project “Strengthening Public Financial Management Capacity to Improve Public Service Delivery at Frontline Services” will contribute to KOMPAK Outcome 1: Local government and service units better address the needs of basic service users, specifically to Intermediate Outcome 1.2: Local government and service units have strengthen systems, processes and procedures.

The Project will work under Project 2 KOMPAK: Improving Capacities of Local Governments and Service Units for Basic Services, and will be part of Key Activities 2a: Capacity and institutional strengthening on Public Financial Management (PFM) at national and sub-national levels and Key Activities 2c: Strengthening regulatory framework and capacities at sub-national level for resource management to deliver basic services.


This program is supported by KOMPAK – Abt JTA Grant Agreement No: KOMPAK-018-2017, with total funding support of IDR 4.286.965.625,-