CARE Peduli Foundation

No. 002/II/2020/PK/PROG/ADH

IDR 10.085.850.000

17 February 2020-31 May 2021


The project goal is to improve the food security and disaster prevention in Central Sulawesi.

Expected outcome of the project is the restoration of the livelihoods of the tsunami affected communities through create Community Enterprise Facilities (CEF) to provide an opportunity for women’s and youth groups to re-establish or establish new livelihoods which contribute to improved food security and disaster prevention in Donggala District and Sigi District, Central Sulawesi.

The project has the following expected outputs: (1) Identified of potential beneficiaries and the project implementation location is determined; (2) Women and youth groups are formed and organized in selected project areas; (3) Increased understanding of women and youth groups regarding food security, adequate nutrition and adaptability to the climate change related impacts; (4) Increased institutional and business management capacity of women and youth groups; (5) Capital grants executed for eligible women and youth groups; and (6) The project implementation is monitored and well documented and recognition from stakeholders is obtained.


This program is supported by CARE Peduli Foundation (YCP) based document Agreement No. 002/II/2020/PK/PROG/ADH on February 17, 2020 with total funding support of IDR 10.085.850.000