William & Lily Foundation (WLF)

IDR 335.100.000

February 17, 2020 – October, 2020


Southwest Sumba (SBD) is one of the four districts on Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) where more than 85 percent of the people work in the agriculture sector. However, currently Southwest Sumba has various problems in agriculture which include cultivation, post-harvest processing and marketing. In addition, the lack of knowledge on technical cultivation, care, integrated pest management causes low productivity and quality of production, at the same time climate change also adds to the high problem.

Based on these problems, the Penabulu Foundation supported by WLF will conduct a study related to the constraints and limitations of agricultural livelihoods faced by farm households and communities in Southwest Sumba with the objective to providing WLF information on food safety, livelihoods and household economic activities. And also the results of the study will support WLF in developing economic empowerment programs with a focus on sustainable agricultural livelihoods and increasing the adaptive capacity of target communities with links to WLF health and education programs in Southwest Sumba. Increased adaptation capacity can help vulnerable households and communities manage their own natural resources, including building household resilience during the non-productive season to secure a reliable source of food and income.

The main activities included:

  1. Demographic and Commodity Profile Studies which include demographic profiles of target respondents (age, sex, occupation, education status, income level, productive assets, sources of income from the agricultural sector, vulnerable households, knowledge of nutrition / nutritious food for families, food and non-food expenditure, the role of women in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, etc.). And accessibility and affordability of staple foods.
  2. Potential Commodity Value Chain Study that discusses the types of potential commodities being cultivated, land area, productivity and assets, seasonal calendar, etc. Analysis of value chains and potential commodity market chains in the target region. SWOT analysis and the most relevant value chain-based product development strategies. And analysis of government policies to support production and community livelihoods.


This program is supported by William&Lily Foundation, start from February 17, 2020 to October, 2020 with total funding support of IDR 335.100.000,-