Australian Consulate-General / Makassar Indonesia (Penabulu Foundation, Central Sulawesi Branch)

IDR 136,900,000

March 23, 2022 – May 31, 2023.


This project will carry out tidal mitigation activities (rising sea levels) and create a mangrove and butun information center that will provide opportunities for youth groups to be able to play an active role in reducing tidal risk through youth capacity building activities related to mangrove and butun care, seeding and planting mangroves and butun trees, building a website for mangrove and butun information centers and increasing the capacity of youth groups related to organizational management and digital branding.

Lompio Village and Tompe Village, Sirenja District are coastal areas affected by the 2018 Central Sulawesi earthquake which resulted in the two villages experiencing rising sea levels (tidal water) 5-7 times a month, even in certain months up to 12 times a month. Currently, if the tide occurs, the main road to Palu City and vice versa will be inundated for approximately 4-5 hours so that road access is temporarily cut off and several houses of residents are also inundated by water. Until now, very few activities have been carried out to reduce the risk of this condition due to limited knowledge and awareness of the surrounding community.

The project will carry out one of the mitigation activities in an effort to reduce the risk of tidal water which will be carried out by the Lompio village youth group. The project targets youth groups as the target beneficiaries because it is hoped that youth can play an active role and become community mobilizers in efforts to reduce tidal risk in their area. Currently, youth groups are still considered as groups that do not have much experience and knowledge. Through this project, it is hoped that the role of youth in the village can be increased, especially in reducing disaster risk in the village area..

Around 30 direct beneficiaries of the project, 10 women and 20 men in Lompio village, aged 18 – 30 years. Meanwhile, the indirect beneficiaries are the total population of Tompe village, which is around 400 households and the total population of Lompio village is around 300 households.

Projek planned acticities:

  • Project socialization in Lompio village and Tompe . village
  • Seedling of 51,000 mangroves and 1000 butun trees in Lompio village
  • Planting 51,000 Mangroves and 1000 Butun trees in Lompio and Tompe . villages
  • Development of information center for mangroves and butuns in Lompio village, Sirenja sub-district,
  • Development of a website for information center for mangroves and butun
  • Training on mangrove and butun cultivation in Lompio village.
  • Organizational management training for Lompio village youth groups.
  • Digital branding training that can support the dissemination of information to the wider community regarding mangrove and poor information centers

The Central Sulawesi branch of the Pena Bulu Foundation will coordinate with village and sub-districtgovernments as well as disseminate information to representatives of village community elements to provide information related to project implementation in the context of project implementation transparency.


Australian Consulate-General / Makassar Indonesia (Penabulu Foundation, Central Sulawesi Branch), with a program period of 01 March 2022 – 01 May 2023 with a total financing of IDR 136,900,000