Badan Pengelola Dana Lingkungan Hidup (BPDLH)


As approval basis

02 March 2022 – as required basis


In order to carry out the mandate of Government Regulation Number 46 of 2017 concerning Environmental Economic Instruments and Presidential Regulation Number 77 of 2018 concerning Management of Environmental Funds, the Government has established the Environmental Fund Management Agency (BPDLH) or the Indonesian Environment Fund (IEF). BPDLH/IEF will be the manager of funds related to forestry, energy and mineral resources, carbon trading, environmental services, industry, transportation, agriculture, marine and fisheries, and other fields related to the environment. spread over several K/L

Based on Minister of Finance Regulation Number 137/PMK.01/2019 concerning Organization and Work Procedures of the Environmental Fund Management Agency and Minister of Finance Regulation Number 124/PMK.05/2020 concerning Procedures for Management of Environmental Funds, BPDLH/IEF plays a role in carrying out distribution activities program funds for the following activities:

  • climate change control;
  • sustainable forest management (sustainable forest management);
  • controlling forest and land fires and restoring peatlands;
  • social forestry and environmental partnerships;
  • forest and land rehabilitation activities as well as other supporting activities;
  • conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • control of pollution and/or environmental damage;
  • increasing the competitiveness of natural resource-based industries;
  • processing of solid, liquid, and toxic hazardous wastes;
  • the use of environmentally friendly and low-carbon materials and technologies;
  • increasing the application of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy conservation;
  • reduction of disturbances, threats, and violations of environmental and forestry laws;
  • other environmental protection and management activities in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations; and
  • activities supporting environmental programs that can facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the distribution of Environmental Program Funds in accordance with the distribution plan.

The distribution of Environmental Program Funds aims to provide funding facilities for beneficiaries and/or Intermediary Institutions in the context of protection, prevention, mitigation and restoration of damage, as well as environmental management and other activities to preserve environmental functions in order to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, BPDLH/IEF will carry out an Intermediary Institution Capacity Assessment (PENTAS LEMTARA) to manage program funds, particularly related to REDD+ activities in Indonesia. In line with this, BPDLH/IEF will assess the capacity of intermediary institutions that are competent in managing funds and programs related to the environment and natural resources, as well as ensuring the achievement of benefits to beneficiaries, as well as achieving improvements in environmental conditions as a step in anticipating the impact of changes. climate.

Based on the results of the Institution’s capacity assessment, the Pena Bulu Foundation was chosen to be one of the intermediary institutions of BPDLH.


Badan Pengelola Dana Lingkunngan Hidup (BPDLH), based on the final document of the capacity assessment of prospective intermediary institutions in 2021 NUMBER PEM-1/BPDLH/BPDLH.3/2022, period 02 March 2022 with a total as approval basis