Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society (AIPTIS)


IDR. 751.100.000

May 27, 2022 – December 31, 2022


AIPTIS is an upcoming partnership program between the Governments of Australia and Indonesia to contribute towards inclusive democracy in Indonesia.

AIPTIS continues Australia’s support for Indonesia’s prosperity, building on progress in gender equality and women’s empowerment, disability rights, social inclusion and strengthening civil society. This includes experiences and lessons learned from working in community-based development, civil society programmes, women’s empowerment, and inclusive development programmes.

Working with civil society, AIPTIS will ensure that more women, children and minority groups can benefit from Indonesia’s social, political and economic opportunities.

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society (AIPTIS) has invested $120 million over 8 years (2020-2028) that will contribute to broader development goals no one is left behind more marginalized people participate and benefit from Indonesia’s sociocultural, development economics, and politics.

The investment will involve a partnership approach between Facilitating Partners (Managing Contractors) and Channeling Partners (civil society organizations (CSOs)).

Based on the results of the first round of AIPTIS Partner Selection, Penabulu was selected to receive the program grant and initiated several consultation processes to finalize the design of the program grant.

Penabulu Foundation wishes to implement several tasks based on the Short Term Consultation in the Terms of Reference, namely:
• Advancing Partner’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) Grant Management
• Partner Standard Operating Procedures Advancing the organization’s operations such as:
Financial SOPs, HRD SOPs, Administration SOPs, Project/Program Management SOPs
• Utilize accounting software such as “SANGO” software in financial reports, projects and Consolidation.

The tasks mentioned above will be developed based on the needs of 2 (two) organizations, APTIS partners, which:
1. Difabel Inclusion and Advocacy Movement (SIGAB)
2 BaKTI Foundation


Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society (AIPTIS), based on the TOR document, for the period May 27, 2022 to December 31, 2022 with a total budget of IDR. 751.100.000