IDR 2.125.350.000

January – September 2022


UNAIDS has become the main coordinating body for international development partners in HIV response in Indonesia. This partnership continues to leverage existing UNAIDS functions to bring together all UN and other technical agencies involved in achieving the targets of the accelerated treatment plan.

USAID-PEPFAR provides support to UNAIDS to strengthen the capacity of national stakeholders to use strategic information to conduct routine treatment cascade analysis to improve service delivery, develop PrEP policies and community-based screening for scale implementation, and increase community capacity to improve services to support acceleration treatment.

Given the success of the first year, UNAIDS intends to continue the partnership with the Penabulu Foundation for the implementation of the second year of Strategy 1 for the period January to September 2022. In addition, using the ROP 20/21 grant, the scope of the Penabulu Foundation’s work will also be expanded to provide contract capacity building. social services for implementing partner communities. This was in response to a request for UNAIDS technical assistance from the Indonesia AIDS Coalition, the newly commissioned CSO PR of the Global Fund, to support the preparation of the social contract pilot and to provide technical support during the implementation of the social contract pilot in Global Implementation of the grant fund in 2022-2023.

The project aims to increase the capacity of CSOs to contribute more meaningfully to the achievement of the global target 95-95-95 to end AIDS by 2030.

The specific objective of this activity is to increase the capacity of CSOs in various program areas in the implementation of HIV AIDS interventions, to translate innovative models and good practices in community-based service delivery of HIV prevention and treatment initiated by LINKAGES/EpiC in Jakarta into context. CSOs outside the Jakarta area, increase the capacity and feasibility of CSOs to access social contract funds through local funding schemes.

Implementing partners in this case will carry out activities in four phases, the first phase is planning for institutional and program capacity development for CSOs, the second phase is Institutional and programmatic capacity building provision for CSOs, the third phase is increasing CSO capacity in Social Contracts and in the fourth phase starting the process. to provide ongoing access to institutional and program capacity building to a wider group of CSOs.

In the first year of implementation of Strategy 1, which consists of October 2020 to October 2021, UNAIDS has been assisted by the Penabulu Foundation as an implementing partner. Penabulu Foundation is a civil society organization that focuses on empowering Indonesian civil society. Penabulu is renowned for its high level of expertise and long experience in providing capacity building assistance to civil society organizations in Indonesia. During the first year of this project, we assessed 35 community-based organizations in 26 priority districts. The assessment captures the capacities of these organizations with regard to organizational platforms, organizational management, governance, and sustainability. Based on the assessment, we have produced a capacity building module and conducted training for 34 community-based organizations.

The Penabulu Foundation will carry out this project aimed at increasing the capacity of CSOs to contribute more meaningfully to the achievement of the global target 95-95-95 to end AIDS by 2030. By coordinating with village and sub-district governments and conducting outreach to representatives of village community elements to provide related information project implementation in the context of project implementation transparency.


UNAIDS, with a program period of January – September 2022 with a total financing of IDR 2,125,350,000