Referensi No. SUB091

Total budget: IDR 3.386.255.000,-

Period program: 4 June 2016 – 20 June 2017


The Program “Strengthening Public Financial Management Capacity To Improve Public Service Delivery at Frontline Services” will contribute to KOMPAK Intermediate Outcome No. 2: Local government and service units have strengthen systems, processes and procedures. Program will support the GoI on the improvement of the capacity of districts, sub-districts, and frontline service units on PFM where the main goal is to increase the capacity and competency of the local apparatus in PFM, particularly in frontline service unit and to optimize PFM as a means to support improvements in public service delivery. It is expected that the program can conteribute to the improvements of the quality of reports on public finance by sub-national governments and the quality of sub-national spending at the same time.

This program will assist, and is in close coordination with DJPK through the financing and regional capacity directorate under sub-directorate of local financing and investment, and will develop the tools for in-house training that aimed to improve individual capacities of frontline services unit managers. The trainings models will be tested in 2 provinces of targetted program, East Java and West Nusa Tenggara.

The program has two expected outcomes, such as:

  1. Selected service units have improved capacity to put in place operational procedures and business processes that are resources adequately.
  2. Improve coordination, flow of funds and reporting from service units to districts leading to better evidence based policy decisions at district level.

Scope of Works

The program will be conducted in two-years period that divided into two phases, as follows:

  1. Phase One: Developing and Refining PFM Modules and Testing Methods (8 months).
  2. Phase Two: Implementing and Quality Assuring (16 months).

Phase One will play important role, because the results and the trial trainings models in that phase will then become materials for trainings conducted in the following phase,full implementation period.

Phase One: Developing and Refining PFM Modules and Testing Methods, consists of several activities as follow:

  1. Mapping and reviewing the existing modules on PFM capacity-building training provided by the MoF (DJPK) and by other ministries.
  2. Developing and refining the modules, will composed 3 types of frontline services modules.
  3. Developing portable application as simulation tools along with other modules.
  4. Testing modules and portable application in selected target districts.
  5. Finalising the development and refinement of the modules and portable application based on the results of the testing in the selected districts.
  6. Providing strategic input and advice to the GoI (Ministry of Finance and district governments) on sub-national PFM policy and implementation.

Phase Two: Implementing and Quality Assuring will consists of series of activities described as follows:

  1. Training of Master Trainers for selected officers in the DJPK, other ministries and academics from the KKD/KKDK networks.
  2. Training of Trainers at Provincial level.
  3. Training to frontline service units and kecamatan level stakeholders.
  4. Monitoring the results of the training and quality assurance.
  5. Provision of on-the-job training at the frontline service units.
  6. Preparing documentation and providing recommendations on the cascaded training model.
  7. Disseminating the cascaded training model to key GoI stakeholders.


This program is supported by KOMPAK – Abt JTA in 4 June 2016 with total funding support of IDR 3.386.255.000,-.