Rainforest Alliance

No 00104313 (amendment No. 1)

IDR 450,000,000

August 22, 2022 – December 31, 2022


Through the tagline “Sintang Lestari”, Sintang Regency has made efforts to form commitments and realize sustainable development. Sintang Regency is one of the areas on the island of Kalimantan that has a high conservation value area that should be protected. However, the region lacks the capacity to direct and monitor land use to meet its commitments, resulting in unplanned land use, continued deforestation and degradation and unsustainable production activities especially oil palm. To address this issue, RA will work closely with other CSOs and the Sintang government on land use planning to conserve forested land and promote sustainable agricultural production. In an effort to increase production of the main sustainable commodity in Sintang district, stakeholders, including the private sector, have developed a district level plan for oil palm (RAD TPD) which is in line with the national Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil. In reporting on sustainable development performance, the Sintang District Government has also confirmed its support for using the LandScale assessment methodology, which is widely accessible.

The Sintang Regency Government has also established a Joint Secretariat (Sekber) as a Multi-stakeholder platform for Sustainable Development in Sintang Regency through the Sintang Regent’s Decree number 050/280/Kep-Bappeda/2020. Through this Multistakeholder Forum, it is hoped that sustainable development initiatives, including Landscale, can help Sintang district create a sustainable landscape vision and formulate a Collective Landscape Action Plan. In a broader context, this multi-stakeholder partnership is sought to strengthen investment readiness, deploy initial capital and utilize resources to support sustainable development activities.

Landscape level diagnostics and baseline studies at the beginning of the process are needed to evaluate threats and drivers of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and rural livelihoods, with particular attention to GESI and the establishment of GHG emission baselines. Further studies will be harmonized and validated from a stakeholder perspective through implementation series of collective meetings and dialogues The results of the elaboration by prioritizing the involvement of stakeholders including smallholders GESI PLC, and others will result in a Draft Landscape Action Plan and an effective Multistakeholder Forum Framework for sustainable landscape initiatives in Sintang District, to support the implementation of the Business Case for Collective Landscape project Action run by Rainforest Alliance.

The outputs of the collaboration between Penabulu and the Rainforest Alliance are:
1. Baseline Report on Landscape Level Diagnostic Results, to evaluate threats and drivers of deforestation, biodiversity loss, rural livelihood challenges, with special attention to GESI issues and GHG emission baseline setting.
2. Draft Landscape Action Plan and Multistakeholder Forum Framework.


Rainforest Alliance, based on agreement document No 00104313 (amendment No. 1), period August 22, 2022 – December 21, 2022 with a total budget of IDR 450,000,000