PT JAPFA Comfeed

Contract number 040/PKS/JAPFA-PNBL/LD-SI/IX/2018

IDR 200.000.000,-

Period program: August 30, 2018 – January 04, 2019


Sekolah Hijau JAPFA Program is a program implemented by Penabulu Sri Gaia as one of the Penabulu Foundation work units with the support of PT JAPFA Comfeed. The program aims to improve environmental and school health quality through the management and utilization of waste produced by schools by involving the participation of teachers and parents. At the end of the program, it is expected that Sekolah Hijau JAPFA Management Model will be built and the capacity of Teachers and School Committees will be strengthened in managing and utilizing school waste. In addition to Sekolah Hijau JAPFA Management Model, this program also initiated the establishment of 2 School Waste Banks which are expected to be a model to be applied in the program area on a wider scale.

The target of this program is 7 elementary schools in the Cikande area and 2 elementary schools in the Cikupa region.


This program is supported by PT JAPFA Comfeed, with total funding support of IDR 200.000.000,-.