Ford Foundation Indonesia through PLUS Foundation

(amendment 004/SK/PENABULU-Re.Search/X/2022)

IDR 140.500.000

July 1, 2021 – December 15, 2022 (Part 2)


  1. Ford Foundation Indonesia continues the role of Spring Strategy in the FIRe program to assist capacity building and capacity building for institutional and financial resilience not only for BUILD grantees (BUILD Grantees), but also for non-BUILD grantees and other civil society organizations in Indonesia by developing a Center Resources (Resource Hub for Strengthening Capacity on Financial Resiliency or “Re.Search”) using funding from social bonds. The Re.Search program will be facilitated by a work team consisting of local resource development organizations that have previously been involved in the FIRe program, namely Penabulu, YBIE and Remdec as the main implementation partners of the program (Core Organization/CO) and PLUS as the main facilitator and program leader. CO will work together on sustainable program management in coordination under the program leader. Throughout the program, capacity builders outside of CO and others are engaged as experts and/or consultants, depending on the needs of the program and the priorities of the Ford Foundation BUILD Grantees.

    In general, the purpose of this collaboration is expected to be the beginning of the process of building and developing a CSO capacity building ecosystem in Indonesia and the southern region of the world so that it is more collaborative, inclusive and sustainable. Specifically, Re.Search Development is aimed at:

    1. Develop a learning ecosystem to increase organizational and institutional capacity and financial resilience of civil society organizations in Indonesia through the development of an inclusive and interactive resource center, which can provide a virtual library of comprehensive and relevant tools, knowledge, information, and networks to be accessed by BUILD Grantees Ford Foundation and CSOs in general
    2. Develop and provide services for strengthening organizational and institutional capacity, financial resilience, learning and knowledge management for CSOs BUILD’s grantees Ford Foundation and others through various accesses such as: a series of workshops, training, mentoring/assistance and others as needed;
    3. Establish and develop collaborations with other organizations that have designed and implemented CSO/NGO mapping and carried out their capacity building in carrying out social transformation work and helping to increase trust between donors and CSOs..


This program is supported by the Ford Foundation Indonesia through the Social Enterprise Platform Foundation (Yayasan PLUS) based on cooperation number: 001/PLUSPJ/7/21 (amendment 004/SK/PENABULU-Re.Search/X/2022) for the period July 2021 – December 15 2022 with a total support fund of IDR 140.500.000,-