Tara Climate Foundation

Grant # G-2303-00227

USD. 50.000

April 01, 2023 – March 31, 2024


Tara Climate Foundation is a regionally-led philanthropic foundation with a vision of a just and thriving society in Asia powered by renewable energy, with a mission to support a diverse group of partners to accelerate Asia’s energy transformation. In Indonesia, Tara worked and supported various civil society organisations that had objectives in alignment with the vision and mission of  Tara through the distribution of grants.

As the grant period progressed, it was found that grant recipient organisations were not ready to respond to the support from Tara, both in terms of program management systems, program planning skills with a broad and deep reach, and effective and efficient management of program funds while accountable.

In alignment with Penabulu Foundation’s vision; Empowered Indonesian Civil Society, we dedicate the proposed Strengthening the Capacity of TARA Partners program in a series of activities designed to improve program and financial management capacity for TARA partner organisations, especially those that lead the consortium.

This programme is aimed at improving enabling conditions for climate change adaptation and mitigation actions based on energy transformation; through increased programme management capacity and financial management. With achievement indicators are; there is a good level of accomplishment of the project’s objectives of the consortium in accordance with the project program plan and finance project agreed between the implementing partner organisations and TARA.


This program is supported by the Tara Climate Foundation, based on the Grant# G-2303-00227, period April 01, 2023 – March 31, 2024 with a total budget of USD. 50.000.