Spring Strategies Inc.

“As Required” Basis

September 2019 – March 2021


The Financial Innovation and Resilience program (FIRE) is a self-directed program for people, organizations and networks working to create more just and life-sustaining societies who desire to build greater mission-aligned financial strength. This program is supported by Spring Strategies Inc. and Penabulu has the role of consultant in this program.

The FIRE program includes six learning modules designed to equip social and climate justice leaders with the skills and insights to thrive despite volatile environments, while generating ever greater, mission-aligned impact.

FIRE learning modules included:

  1. Funding and investment landscape: A pro-active approach to change, including identifying opportunitiesvfor innovative finance;
  2. Resource mobilization: Prospecting, diversification, creating internal systems, and contractual compliance;
  3. Strategic finance: Budgeting, creating financial dashboards and growing capital reserves;
  4. External communications: Fostering quality engagement and messaging;
  5. Leadership practice: Developing clear vision and foundational capacities for financial resilience; and
  6. A healthy funding ecosystem: Promoting high quality funding and coherence between grantmaking and investments in the market.


This Agreement is to provide services to support the Spring Strategies Inc. Program on an “as required” basis and os not a guaranted work order.