IDR 717.172.500.-

October 7, 2021 – October 6, 2022


The Innovation and Knowledge Hub (iHub/simpulmadani) is an online, learning application and knowledge management platform that enables users to access and download civil society capacity assessments, tip sheets, training modules, and simple reading materials, and that will host a directory of TA resources and consultants.

This three-year IQS grant allows Pena Bulu (“the Partner”), leading the Knowledge Management for NGOs (KM4NGO) consortium, will be the iHub/simpulmadani operational partner, updating, maintaining, and hosting the iHub/simpulmadani with funding and technical support from MADANI from 2020-2023.

ln Year Two, the Partner will list, collect and adjust relevant materials and learning resource content that focus on organizational development and thematic issues on which CSOs work. ln this year, the Partner will collaborate with MADANI in performing data analysis using data collected from iHub/simpulmadani, including data on who is using it. The Partner will maximize the use of social media platforms and collaborate with social media influencers to promote iHub/simpulmadani contents. The Partner will keep maintaining the management of learning materials to be uploaded in the iHub/simpulmadani. ln expanding the outreach and use of iHub, the Partner will identify and integrate iHub/simpulmadani with other platforms that have benefit for the improvement of capacity development of CSO in Indonesia.

The Partner will manage the iHub/simpulmadani’s discussion forum and ensure the discussions are conducted in an ethical manner and are related to MADANI’s five organizational development domains and seven thematic areas. Lastly, the Partner will ensure all MADANI’s Lead Partners and Learning Forum members know about and can use the iHub/sirnpulmadani for their capacity development. It will also work to expand the users to the Partner’s network and other CSO networks as well.

ln year 2, MADANI Lead partner or other CSOs whom can confirm have used the iHub model will be surveyed to understand (1) their satisfaction and (2) the extent to which they feel it has contributed to increased perceived efficiency in how they perform their business (internally and externally) attributable to iHub Model. The survey result is a proxy of the utility of iHub to CSO partners.


This program is supported by USAID MADANI on October 4, 2021 with total funding support of  IDR 717.172.500