IDR 1,474,460,000

June 16, 2020 – June 15, 2023


iHub is an initiative initiated to connect knowledge actors – Government, Service Providers, and Civil Society Organizations – in 32 MADANI target districts, and is expected to be able to reach all CSOs in Indonesia eventually.

Through four creative and technical approaches; Hosting-Updating-Technical Ability-Sustaining, iHub is managed by the KM4NGO Working Group which consists of The Penabulu Foundation, The One World Foundation, The PIRAC Foundation, and The Sinergantara Association. With confidence, iHub is an MADANI program initiative that is not only a program intervention, but also to ensure the sustainability of the program in the future. Through collective work within the working group to continue to develop ideas, initiatives and activities that will support and accelerate the management of CSO knowledge and mobilization of resources to ensure the continued position and role of Indonesian civil society.


This program is supported by USAID MADANI on June 16, 2020 with total funding support of IDR 1,474,460,000.-