Wahana Visi Indonesia

Agreement Letter No. 03 /SPK /WVI/X/2016

Total budget: IDR 35.300.000,-

Period program: September 27, 2016 – May 6, 2017


Penabulu along with Wahana Visi Indonesia is committed to carry out, guarantee and protect children and their rights in order to live, grow and develop optimally in accordance with human dignity and protection from violence and discrimination refers to the Child Protection Act and regulations.

The purpose of holding Child Participation Class in MUSRENBANGDES is to ensure the fulfillment of children’s rights, especially the right of participation in rural development planning process. It is also to provide the syllabus of the workshop, facilitated Training of Trainer for volunteers with a co-facilitator, facilitating the children in pre- MUSRENBANGDES and compiles Training of Facilitator Module for co-facilitator and child participation process.


This program is supported by Wahana Visi Indonesia, with total funding support of IDR 35.300.000,-