Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC)

No : 127/IAC/SPK.GF/X/2016

IDR 268.500.000,-

Period program: 24 October 2016 – 30 May 2017


In this program Penabulu working together with Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) as the technical activities of Resource Mobilization Workshop for Strengthening the HIV/AIDS Key Population in Indonesia. Facilitate the “Workshop on Resource Mobilisation In Community System Strengthening Effort” for a network of TB and HIV/AIDS IAC Partners in 75 cities/districts with the time period:

  • 2016 to 28 districts/cities
  • Year 2017 to 47 districts/cities

Developed a module that will be used as a study guide in the implementation of the “Workshop Mobilization of Resources In Community System Strengthening Effort “, among others:

  • Module 1: Resource mobilization for Nonprofits – Basic
  • Module 2: Resource mobilization for Nonprofits – Private Sector Involvement
  • Module 3: Resource mobilization for Nonprofit Organizations – Volunteer Pengeolaan
  • Module 4: Resource mobilization for Nonprofits – Utilization of ICT


The program is supported by Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) based document Agreement No : 127/IAC/SPK.GF/X/2016 on October 24, 2016 with total funding of IDR 268.500.000,-