WWF – Indonesia


IDR 93.350.000,-

Period program: September 5, 2016 – September 19, 2016


This activity is about training with classroom design that embraces the principles of andragogy and participatory methods for maximum results.


  1. Obtain a comprehensive understanding related to various technical issues, especially the issue of the development and management of village fund.
  2. Specifically identify and discuss case studies which factually occurred in the ward / village assisted both in terms of planning, implementation and reporting of the village fund management.
  3. participative drafting technical guidelines which will be a joint referral of the parties involved in the management of village funds (both the elements of village / rural as well as of the elements of the companion and the district government) in the scope of Mahakam Ulu District.


  1. Obtainment joint comprehensive understanding of technical matters related to the issue of development and management of village fund.
  2. Identification of case studies that occurred in fact related to the management of funds of the village.
  3. The resulting draft technical guidelines (based on the rules / regulations in force combined with case studies that occurred) which would be a common reference of the parties in the management of village funds.


This program is supported by WWF – Indonesia based document Agreement No. 008/WWF-ID/SDW-LGL/II/2026 on September 5, 2016 with total funding support of IDR 93.350.000,-