Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

No. /CSA/ZSL/VII/2016

IDR 241.800.000,-

Period program: Juli 10, 2016 – September 9, 2016


The specific objective of the assignment is:

  1. Review the draft of Implementation Plan (IP) that has been developed by ZSL and use the document of Project Proposal/ Agreement and Inception Report as a major source.
  2. Facilitate and collect data/information through internal discussions within the ZSL and discussions/ consultations process with local governments, private sector, NGOs and other parties related.
  3. Develop the IP draft, facilitate the multi-stakeholder discussion meeting on IP draft and conduct the finalization of IP in closely coordination with ZSL.
  4. Assist ZSL and provide relevant input in the preparation of the Inception Report.

The Output is: Implementation Plan (IP) that will be used as guidance for the next remaining phases. The IP should provide a result-based framework with specific outcomes and indicators to go along with the program objectives and approaches that will also indicate the districts/selected areas in which these approaches are prioritized. The IP should not specify the exact private sector, communities, the number of villages in each district, or other details of what will be accomplished in each component since this information is not currently known. Those details can be decided later in the annual planning stages.

Outline of IP at least will include:

  • Background
  • Vision and Objectives
  • Guiding Principles and Approach
  • Priority Programs
  • Results and Indicators
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Tables and Appendixes


This program is supported by Zoological Society of London (ZSL) based document Agreement No. /CSA/ZSL/VII/2016 on Juli 10, 2016 with total funding support of IDR 241.800.000,-.