Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia)

No. 2016/Grant/048

Total budget: IDR 19,634,311,497,-

Period program: July 2016 – December 2017


The project aims to increase incomes through the development of renewable energy utilization model small hydropower useful for electrification of households and businesses to increase cocoa communities in the District of Long Apari and Long Pahangai.

The linkage between the objectives, the impacts and the main activities of the Project are as follows:

Project objectives: Increase public welfare through the utilization of environmental services and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Impact/Expected Results:

  1. Increasing the supply of electricity derived from renewable hydroelectric energy for electrification of households and small businesses community.
  2. Increasing processing facilities of cocoa community-based and increasing alternative livelihood for women farmers.
  3. Increasing capacity and institutional management MHP and mini factory of cocoa processing, increasing cultivation techniques capacity, processing of cocoa and cocoa waste, and increased empowerment of women farmer groups.

Main Activities:

  1. The development of MHP Tepuse, Tiong Ohang Village, District Long Apari.
  2. Revitalization MHP Suwan. Village Long Pahangai I, District Long Pahangai.
  3. Construction of 2 units mini factory of cocoa processing in the district of Long Apari and Long Pahangai.
  4. Strengthening capacity of Management Board the MHP and Factory Mini.
  5. Increasing cultivation capacity and post-harvest processing of cocoa farmers.
  6. Increasing capacity of women farmers in the production of compost from the waste cocoa.

Supporting Activities:

  1. Analysis LL, ESMS, SGIP and Knowledge Management.
  2. Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation.


This program is supported by Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia), with total funding support of IDR 19,634,311,497 ,-