The Asia Foundation

Contract number: 31674.100.

Total budget: IDR 233,050,000,-

Program period starts from March 9, 2015 until October 30, 2015.


In this program, Penabulu got the assignment to develop 3 targeted areas that need to be strengthened in LBH Makassar, that are:

  1. Internal management area
  2. Operational management area
  3. Network management area of LBH in Eastern Indonesia

The activities included:

  1. Internal management area
    • Enriching the basic policy and organizational management
    • Development human resources management system
    • Administration system development
    • Development of manual of financial and accounting management
  2. Operational management area
    • Documentation of recruitment system and strengthening of operational staff
    • Mapping of data and information flow
    • Development of data and information management system
    • FGD for internalization of data and information management
    • Data and information management assitance
  3. Network management area of LBH in Eastern Indonesia
    • Workshop on development of networking strategy and operational scheme
    • Workshop on evaluation of network performance


This program is supported by The Asia Foundation based on contract agreement Number: 31674.100 dated March 9, 2015, with total funding support of IDR 233,050,000,-.