ICCO Cooperation – AIP PRISMA

ICCO – AIP PRISMA Consultancy Agreement.

Total budget: IDR 116,363,264,-

Period program: March 8, 2015 – December 31, 2015.


ICCO Cooperation and Australia Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Income through Support for Markets in Agriculture (AIP-PRISMA) has implement intervention program in fisheries sector. The area target of intervention is Situbondo District, East Java. This intervention will contribute increase in net incomes for 1,000,000 poor rural female and male farmers, 300,000 of which will be reached by June 2017.

The intervention is to promote fish cage farming to provide a year-round source of food and income for fisher folks particularly during the four to six months closed season for marine catch fishing. This program will likewise address the perennial lack of supply of exporters of live reef fish like grouper.

This intervention will focus on product development and delivery mechanisms that will fit the circumstances of the fisher-folk. This intervention will likewise mobilize funds for the new financial products that will be developed. It is estimated that with this intervention and working with Bank JATIM, 300 fisher-folk organized in 30 production units and will benefit through increased incomes of 140% by mid-2015 with an expected outreach until 2017 of 1200.

The intervention focus on developing the business model which hope after project end the activities will sustainable where all actors of business model play their function automatically. The business model involves:

  1. Kerapu exporter as partner
  2. Kerapu Association as Intermediate service provider (ISP), and
  3. Bank Jatim as Financial service provider

They will work together to help the fishers folks that formed in to kerapu production unit (KPU) to produce quality export of kerapu.

Role of Penabulu in this program is to ensure program meet the goal on a business model. The activies are:

  1. Developing innovative financial product for fish cage farming with Bank JATIM
    • Financial product design and development
    • Capacity building of Kerapu Association (intermediate service provider) to socialize of financial product and implement
  2. Developing financial training program for KPU’s
    • Design of training program with Bank JATIM
    • Capacity building of Kerapu Association (intermediate service provider) to manage financial training program and implement


This program is supported by ICCO Cooperation & AIP-PRISMA based on ICCO – AIP PRISMA Consultancy Agreement dated March 8, 2015, with total funding support of IDR 116,363,264,-.