Ford Fondation melalui Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN)

IDR 274.672.049

January 1,  2021 – December 31, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic is an important marker for the transformation and sustainability of civil society in Indonesia. Not only does it take the form of challenges that stretch because the pandemic presents physical limitations to interaction and stagnation of socio-economic activities, but the pandemic also raises various opportunities such as the effectiveness of online media and the mobilization of online-based movements.

Based on the existing situation, efforts are needed to encourage the empowerment and sustainability of the position and role of civil society organizations in Indonesia through efforts to strengthen organizational capacity and capabilities: mobilization, management and distribution of resources; the development of equal partnerships between development sectors as well as raising the widest possible public participation and involvement, and all of this is in line with the Penabulu Foundation’s goal of  “Empowered Indonesian Civil Society” for that through collaboration with Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN) with support from the Ford Foundation ( FF) will develop an online-based resource center that can be accessed by all parties.

The purpose of this activity is to develop a platform that will be used as a forum for documenting – digitally proclaiming good practices, knowledge, and initiatives of CSO Partners of FF and CSOs in Indonesia in responding to and overcoming the Covid-19 Pandemic as well as for contributing to Indonesia’s broad and sustainable development.


This program is supported by Ford Fondation through Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN) with total funding support of Rp. 274.672.049,-